HX 2.01 FINAL - Újratöltve

A nemrég kiadott HX 2.0-ás ROM után most megérkezett az új javított verzió is. Sok hiba volt az előzőben, HyperX sikeresen javította őket. Így aki szeretné, az bátran tegye fel az új ROM-ot. Tovább után a Changelog és letöltés!

Frissítve: 2.02 FINAL!


removed LEFTUP cert. for better compatiblity installing apps/games (caused many issues)
Improved Browser engine
improved FLASHlite engine
Kinetic-webbrowser, and several cache improvements by me.
WRT widget apps working
FULL Kinetic scroll over-all
changed Kinetic scrolling values
OVI store app compatible
Nokia Java 2.02 install compatible
New wallpaper and theme
100 % Full hacked phone by default with integrated Rompatcher by Marco Bellino credits for this MUST have app goes to him and his website: http://www.symbian-toys.com
increased MBufpool cache in c32start.ini (2x) for better/stable internet connection
changed cache vallues in media-galerie.. it´s still not working perfect, but it´s little bit better (open media-galerie, wait until thumbnails are loaded, scroll up and down… then it will work smoothly like on my video)
integrated patch (for rompatcher) to reboot your device when clicking on “Switch off!”
Camera compression improvements (set all resolutions to 100 % for best quality)
FULL Multilanguage-5 support (EN_DE_IT_SP_FR)
Full T9 multi5 support
My_media app still there
International Keyboard (all supported languages)
Nav-bar and FULL page Homescreen (-kind- of satio homescreen)
same improvements as Speed release, BACKGROUND killing apps: contentharvester.exe, screensaver.exe, sipprofilesrv.exe, vcommandmanager.exe, ScreenCapturer.exe, WlanTxCal.exe)
changed min. heap size to 512
Major improvement of the Symbian OS S60v5 operation System
several System optimization to get max. amount of 84,5 MB free disk-space on c:\ without loosing ANY apps.
UPDATED Modem file to JA1 (extra exe) just start the exe and flash the modem part without flashing the whole firmware.
changed Video-recording delay values
updated Video-recording files
added “no memory card icon” shown
all knowing hacks (from the past) except “Automatic-loudspeaker on call” this was removed due to several problems !
added Disable Contacts rotation when writing sms in landscape
Vodafone homescreen NOT added, because you can install it yourself (much better for system)
fixed Memory-card BUG
fixed Dictionary scroll-bar bug
fixed Media-galerie scroll-bar-bug
improved Camera starting procedure (3-4 sec.)
ported IMAGEVIEWER from Nokia X6 device
musicplayer is only searching on e\music and f:\music (faster search)

Update 04.02.2010:
Dictonary working
Asphalt4 icon deleted
wifi shortcut widget is BACK
Offscr. apps (calc, converter) can´t install – FIXED
New Highspeed Kastor effects by darknight07
changed Picture-quality values.
Based on I8910BVJB1
INTERNATIONAL T9 Support: English,Russian,Turkish, German,Bulgarian,Croatian,English,Hungarian,Romanian, Serbian, Arabic,English,French,Farsi,Urdu,French,Dutch,,Hungarian,Italian,Polish,Spanish,Danish,English,Finnish,Norwegian,Swedish,Greek,Portuguese,Czech, English, Slovak, Slovenian.

still 83,1 MB free space on c:\