Letölthető teljes ICS ROM HTC Desire HD-re

A Blackout csapat egyik fejlesztése ez a ROM, mely a soha meg nem jelenő hivatalos verziót próbálja pótolni eddig viszonylag nagy sikerrel. A 4.0-ás alapokra épülő szoftver telepítése garancivaesztést okoz, ám aki már régóta kipécézte magának a jégkérmes szendvics előnyeit, annak kötelező telepíteni.


- Android verzió: 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
- Incredible S 4.10.405.1 alapokra épül
- Sense verzió: 3.6


Rebase to Incredible S 4.10.405.1 (Android 4.0.4)
Camera fixed AND Recording 480p and 720P WITH audio
Camera - Removed Stereo Recording and Front Facing Cam/Mirror App
Blackout BeastMode Kernel V1.0
New OC Values
Re-Wrote Tweaks App
Few new tweaks add (more to be added ota style ;))
Exclusive Blackout Skin v1.0 with Sense 4.0 Style Clock Widget (default)
And New Team Member...be gentle with him...

-Rebase to 2.31.401.2
-Added Aroma Backup Apps Option During Full Wipe Install
-Added Custom OC Option for Install (Andrev Daemon)
-Added Custom Language Option for Install
-Bluetooth 100% Fix with Mic
-Weather Sounds FC Fixed
-More Blackout Tweaks (still WIP and alot more to come)
-Modded HTCListen.apk for Beats, Dolby, and SRS Sound
-SMS Limit Fixed
-New Blackout Kernel
-More Aroma Additions
-Updated Aroma Installer to Latest

FUll WIPE REQUIRED (do not wipe in aroma, not working correctly yet :p)
-Rebased to 2.28.709.1
-Added Aroma Installer (Obviously :] )
-Added APM (Advanced Power Menu)
-Added Extended Quicksettings
-Added a New Member to the Team: Welcome cstayton :]
-Added New Blackout Tweaks(beta)
-Added Wifi tether app (must set profile to nexus one in app settings)
-Modded services.jar and PCSC.apk for USB Mount
-Modded services.jar for Disabling HTC Signature Checking
-Removed All HTC and Goolge Logging Files
-Tweaked The framework-res.apk for More Animation Speed
-Fixed Specific Device Detection for Sound and Info

-Sound fixed for Telus and Inspire users
-Wifi fixed
-BT Fixed (a2dp also)
-Added Sense 4.0 Wallpapers
-Beats and other sound enhancements added to music player
-System files cleaned up a bit
-Optimized here and there (whatever that means :p)

- Initial Release